My First Kiss ft. Island Kiss💋

Hello Loves,

Hope you’re doing great! 

So the other day, I was kissed! No No! I’m just 15..I meant I got Island Kissed!

Island Kiss is an Organic & Flirty Lip Care Brand! They sent me their Tropique Pomade range to review. Let’s get started! 


I’ll start reviewing the shade with my personal favorite,

Cherry Blossom Flores:DSC02076

This is a shade of pink. It’s a really light and natural shade and that is what makes it my favorite shade. If you’ve been following my blog since long then you know that I generally prefer natural looking lip shades. What I love about these lip moisturizers from Island Kiss is that they are really creamy in texture. You should definitely try it out for daily use! PRICED AT- INR399/-

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender:DSC02082.JPG

Now,this shade is a darker shade of natural pink. It makes your lips look like you’ve applied a light tinted lip balm on your natural lips. This shade is great for work! It makes you look effortlessly beautiful..PRICED AT- INR399/-

Puerto Berry Blush:DSC02079.JPG

This shade is what we call gorgeous! It is such an awesome shade..Even though it is dark and quite contradictory to my choice, I still love it! This shade is perfect for parties, outings or anywhere you wanna flaunt your beauty! This is louuuuuuuuu! PRICED AT- INR499/-

Basically,it’s a big big big thumbs up to these lip moisturizers from island kiss!

You can purchase these at-


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Until Next Time,

Tanya Kherajani🌟



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